Pictures are the only thing we can touch that tells a visual story of our lives.
The photography experience we deliver is a special process where we focus on our client relationships & connecting with the right people. I believe that your wedding is not just about one single day, it's a journey that you, your partner and family have all taken to arrive at moment. Our intention is to uncover the deeper meaning beyond the surface that allows us to product a high quality product.

We are not just wedding photographers, we are storytellers with a background in design, business and video. Our experience have molded us to know exactly what is the best, most professional and appropriate way to produce our work. I like to think that I create photos that are emotional experiences, and that is one of kind
Now, let's learn about where you have been and where you are going in life and love. 
Who is Maggie Stolzberg Iribarren?
I am pursuing life through travel, photography and filmmaking. My husband and I am spend time in Italy during the summer where we find meaningful quiet time, inspiration and work on creative documentary projects for artists. These experiences fuel our passion for creating unique stories outside the normalcy of our industry.
 I met my husband Dorian in New Orleans twelve years ago. We got married in Lake Como Italy recently which is one of the most spiritual places in the world. Ohhh Italy! 
We are owners of a commercial film production company where we create brand story films about the stories behind their businesses & products. I have been photographing weddings for almost 12 years after receiving a degree in A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design & Business. Weddings have taken me all over the world, design has inspired my style and business has given me interpersonal skills to navigate this competitive industry. I love working with clients who are young professionals that travel the world or young couples who are simply in love and have a story to be told!


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