"Your wedding may be a single day; yet your wedding represents the journey that you, your partner, and family have taken to arrive at that very moment in time."  
Since I can remember I've loved working with the camera. Pictures are the way I document life and experience in the world.​ 

As a storyteller, I cultivate relationships with each of my clients. I give each person an interpersonal experience that brings out the best from all angles on the wedding day. Early on in my career, I realized that I have a special ability to connect with people which you can feel in pictures.
I grew up in St. Louis. After playing golf most of my life, I received a BFA in graphic design.... the next day, I took a trip to explore Europe. Upon returning, I settled into my graphic design job and sent 18 rolls of film off to the lab to be developed. Thereafter, I realized my passion for photography was pulling me to pursue it full-time. Next, in 2005 I opened up my own photography studio and found myself traveling to the Caribbean often to document love stories. My first wedding was in La Jolla, CA and then in Jamaica. At one wedding, I arrived by helicopter which landed in an X in the sand on a small island in the VI.  The filmmaker at that wedding of 5 people would later become my husband. And so, my journey began.
"The emotion that photography sparks inside each of us is contagious. Each new place provides me with endless inspiration"

What is more Romantic?

Italy is the most sought after place for weddings. Of course, because it's the most romantic country in the world. Italy is both majestic, sophisticated and elevates your senses. 

One of my fondest memories of Italy was while photographing a wedding in Florence, the bride arrive in a white horse & carriage to one of the oldest churches in all of Italy.  I felt as though I was in a fairytale...looking back, I was!

My Story...

It's no wonder that when we fell in love, we couldn't think of a more serene place to celebrate our destination wedding, Lake Como, Italy. Dorian and I have traveled the world and found the ideal place for us to write our love story.


There are few events in our lifetime that we are surrounded by our best friends and family at one table to eat dinner together under the stars. (Photo by Chrisman Studios)


From the moment we spoke and then met, I knew you were the right person to capture all the intimate and special moments from our wedding day.  As I was caught up in every moment, I was confident that you would tell a beautiful story of our entire day with friends and family. You captured the joy and priceless expressions of everyone near and dear to me. 

What I love most is working with clients who are passionate about traveling, creating adventures, and have a story to be told that goes beyond the surface.
My pictures preserve moments and emotions that are pricelessly fleeting.  I deliver a special photography experience that focuses on relationships and the human connection. My goal is to create a fun wedding day with no bossy attitude, no hidden agenda or stiff posed pictures. After all, we are young... let's have fun! 

For over a decade, weddings have taken me all over the world. 
Some of my favorite destination wedding locations have included California, the Florida Keys, Boston, the Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands, Aruba, Cape Cod, Florence, Italy, Austin, and St. Lucia, just to name a few....