Since I can remember I've loved working with the camera. Pictures are the way I am able to document life and experiences in this world.​
​Pictures tell the visual story of our lives.
I am a storyteller with a background in graphic design, business and film production. I grew up as an athlete playing golf most of my life through college which taught me the value of focus, determination, and the power of anticipating moments. Recently, I got married in Lake Como, Italy to the love of my life of 12 years. I am a cat lover, wine collector and enjoy meeting new people. I like to think I am relatable and can talk to anyone about anyplace in the world.
During our summers my husband and I spend time in Italy, where we find meaningful quiet time, enjoy food, find new inspiration and the opportunity to work on creative documentary projects with other artists. These experiences fuel my passion for observing life in other cultures and challenge me.
Since 2005, weddings have taken me all over the world! Some of my favorite destination weddings locations have included Florence, Italy; La Jolla, California; the Florida Keys; Boston; the Dominican Republic; the Virgin Islands; and St. Lucia, just to name a few.
I understand that your wedding is not about one single day; it's the journey that you, your partner and family have taken to arrive at this very moment.
Pictures give us the ability to preserve moments and emotions that are pricelessly fleeting. This belief is why we deliver a special photography experience that focuses on relationships and human connection.
I strive to create photos that capture the essence of who people truly are.
My professional and personal experiences enable me to deliver the highest quality of photography and video for my clients.
What I love most is working with clients who are passionate about photography, love to travel and have a story to be told that goes beyond the surface.


Siena, Italy


Phone: 314-799-4160

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